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Mon, Jul. 23rd, 2007, 07:35 pm
Real Men Eat Babies

I know it has been quite sometime since I have been on here last. Sorry about the delay. I have been quite busy, well...sort of. I am now set and ready to go back to school. I start on August 27th. The only thing I am waiting on now is the dispersment of my loans so that I may get my books. I have a new laptop on the way. I am really stoked about that. Jason has a new job, so now he is happy. Anything is better than Kroger.
I am also getting TOTALLY burnt out living at home. I am about at my wits end. What I think sucks most about it is that there isn't a goddamn bloody thing I can do about it. It blows to be broke and be able to afford living on your own. I am at least going to be stuck here for longer than I had anticipated based on my last entry ( I think it was my last entry).
I have much more that I could complain about but to tell you the truth I really don't feel like it right now. I'm going to go to bed and try to dream of being somewhere other than here.

Toodle Pip!

Wed, Jun. 13th, 2007, 04:40 pm
"I got sick from drinking Gatorade once. The electrolytes kicked my ass." - Denise

This is kinda a Jason/Katie post. Me doin' the typing but it all Jason's content.

Jason's list of "children's names for when we haves the children."

Kinky McDo'ins
Burt Burtburtburtson
Helmut Fizzywig
Stabby McSternumstabber
there are many others but we forgot. More to come eventually.

Sat, Jun. 9th, 2007, 08:30 am

Well I know it has be a hell of a long time since I have updated on here and I do have a lot to tell you. As you might have guessed, Jason has graduated and is now in the process of finding a decent job. a process, by the way, royally SUCKS! Right now prospects are looking good for a place called RCS thats in downtown Louisville. They aren't going to pay much at first but hopefully he will get a bit of a hike once he is fully hired on and not going though the staffing agency.
Also I just wanted to update everyone on my eyesight. It is back to its normal blurry self. The only downside is that I have gone without my glasses for almost a month since I had a lens fall out and get scratched to hell and back. Needless to say driving in the rain REALLY blows.
I have been accepted into IUS. Its not like I wasn't going to or anything. It doesn't take much to get into "Grant Line High". I will begin full time classes on August 27th. I am a bit nervous though. I think that I am more anxious about the whole experience financially. I will be paying my own way though school this time and to tell you the truth I am kinda frightened by that fact. It will all pan out. I just won't have much of a life for 5 years or so. i just have to take one day at a time. I think that is going to be the only way I am going to be able to get though this without either burning out or loosing my frikkin mind.
Well that's about it in a nut shell. I have way to much crap to do and not enough time to do it in.

Toodle Pip.

Fri, May. 4th, 2007, 05:36 am
"Ohhh you are pushing a button that has to do with me?" - Jason talking as my DVD player

We went to see hot fuzz last week and I have to say it is now on my top 10 list of all time fav movies. I wasn't a big fan of Shaun of the Dead the first time I watched it because I am not a fan of zombie movies. Jason is though. I saw "Shaun" again on Comedy Central a while back and thought it was hilarious. I guess I was tired or something the first time I watched it. Anyway.... After seeing that I had to see Hot Fuzz. I think it was the part in the preview about them chasing the swan that intrigued me. It was the best movie I have seen in quite a while. 300 was good but I needed a bit of a laugh after a crappy week at work. I am so buying this when it comes out. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are geniuses. I am working on getting a BBC series they were in together called "Spaced". It sounds pretty funny.

Well I have to brush my teeth, get my shoes on, and head to work. Yeee Haw. At least I am in the IV room today. Woot.

Toodle Pip.

Sun, Apr. 1st, 2007, 12:36 pm
"You only hurt the ones you love....................................with an axe." - Jason

Well the vision is sorta coming back. I can see in the dark with my left eye better than I was before, but unfortunatly I have now got this jelly bean shaped orby like this that floats in my periphral vision when I am in a dimmly lit room. It sorta funny and freaky all at the same time because whenever it decided to show up it startles me. I look retarded too. I jump and swat to my left there is a bug or something. Its pretty annoying. I had another MRI and it came back normal. I have to go back to the ophth. May 9th to have a follow up exam. I need to let him know about the the little pixie flying in the corner of my eye.

My FAFSA form is now complete and submitted. Just a few more steps until all is set for me to walk into college again. The next thing is to complete the application and get that sent in with all my transcripts. Not like I have anything to worry about. Its "Grant Line High" for christ sake. I just hope that all of my classes won't conflict with my work schedule.

That is about all that is going on here. Jason and I will be making a day trip on May 9th to go to Jungle Jim's and to a Static-X concert at Bogart's in Cinncinati. Its his graduation trip because we are too poor to go to Florida or some place like that.
Oh well....

Toodle Pip!

Thu, Mar. 15th, 2007, 04:18 pm

Hello again. Sorry it has been a while. A few things have gone on the past few months. To start things off I am going to be temporaraly blind (well sorta, everything hella blurry) in my left eye. My ophthamologist said that I have a rare condition known as mulitple evanescent white dot syndrome (MEWDS). It is a rare inflamation disorder that screwes with your retina. He said that it may take a few weeks to even a few months for my vision to come back, but there isn't any form of treatment for it. He wants me to get another MRI though just to make sure that it is MEWDS and not a hemmorage or somthing. That was the big event so far.

My boss if finally allowing my to get IV trained. I am surprised by how quickly I am getting a handle on things. There are a few mixtured I am still a little hesitant on but for the most part everything is smooth sailing.

Jason is graduating on May 8th. YIPPIE!!!! He will be coming along with me on Saturday to an open house at IUS. I need to ask them some admission questions about when I attended Indiana State. I really don't want to have to go through the trouble of getting a copy of my transcript from there because I didn't have anything that would transfer anyway. I just want to start anew.

Sun, Feb. 11th, 2007, 09:16 am
6 more years until I am 30

HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY TO THE KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay me............

Sat, Feb. 10th, 2007, 12:42 pm
Arguing with yourself blows donkey balls

I have argued with myself over the past 12 some odd hours (including the 4½ hours of sleep I got). Yes, I even dreamed about the self debate.
Have you ever argued with yourself almost like you are two entirly separate entities? If you have, cool, you might understand. Those who haven't, well it is the most screwed up feeling in the world. Its almost dabbling into where you think you have two personalities or even worse; its like watching a TV drama and you are the 3rd party just sittin back and 'not' enjoying (ginormous run on there lol). Anywho....
I have been upset because of something that happened last night. One part of me (the part that has common sense) is saying "Get over it, it isn't a big deal. Why do you always worry about stupid shit like this. Does it matter 'why' just as long as he does. What the hell is your obsession with poetic\romantic\metaphor ridden BS anyway? Snap out of it and look at whats going on right here and right now. Fuck the past. Nothing you do now will change it because it can't change. Whats done is done. 'It's finished and over, finished, done over with, done.'(Only Jason would get that) Damnit he loves you. Isn't that enough. What more do want out of the poor man? He isn't the kind of guy to do the whole chivalry thing anyway. You should know that, ya twit."
The other part is over in the corner with a sandwich being all hard headed with her legs crossed leaning on the wall and saying, "Well I don't wanna. I'm gonna have a sammich. I want to have the shit that I see on TV and in stories. That shit is cool, but noooooooooo. If I can tell him why I love him , why can't se tell me. I mean it's only asking him to tell me what makes me so much more damn special that these other broads in the world. He could have loved anyone. Why did he chose me? Yeah, I have shitty self esteem and I need to hear him say it so I feel like I matter to him, that I really am special. I want to know WHAT is it that makes me mean so much to him."
It is all I can to do yell (in my head) at the top of my lungs "SHUT THE HELL UP! I am tired of listing to both of you." The crap side to that is that after I am finished doing that I become totally numb, and frankly I don't like that feeling. It is awful when you feel like you are the middle man with yourself.
I don't know what to do. I know you are reading this and I only typed this to see if I could get the voices to shut up. Mind you that I am NOT upset with you. I am only upset with myself. I feel so frikkin retarded right now because I hate drama-queens and I am trying to prevent myself from becoming one. It is just hard for me for reason I can't explain. I don't know why I dwell on tiny stupid pointless shit. Maybe to me those little pointless things don't mean anything to you but they are the world to me. Maybe I am talking out of my ass right now. I DON'T KNOW! I am sorry if I had upset you. It wasn't intended. So, if I start to analyze our relationship after any movie again I just want you to give me five across the eyes and follow it up with a nice kiss. Because that will be the only way to make the voices shut up.

Sun, Jan. 21st, 2007, 12:04 pm
"God Bless the Ninja Turtles!"- Barrett W. Smith (my bro in a drunken stooper)

Hi all. I decided to pull an extra day at work because I am in desprate need of the monies. I have medical bills rolling in from having that beautiful pic of my head over there. I also have new tires that need to be paid for. Anyway....
I have become addiced to Guitar Hero II and Viva Pinata. I am currently stuck on medium on GH and are in the works of becoming a master Horstashio romancer on VP. The sad thing is that Jason likes Viva pinata a little more than me, I think. Its a cute game.
I still am trying to figure out what i am going to go as for next years con. Jason is going to have to find something a little less complicated that Proxy One from Ergo Proxy. I haven't even found a full body shot of the guy which makes it impossible to know what he looks like in detail.
There isn't much going on as of now. Jason is working on getting finished with school. i am trying to get myself ready for it. So there you have it. not much at all.

Sat, Dec. 23rd, 2006, 12:57 pm
Worst Month Ever

This month has been hell for me. My family is falling apart. It started about 2 Fridays ago when I ended up in the ER of my hospital with what I thought what the worst headache ever. The doc and I thought that I might have a small bleed in my brain so I now have both a CT and MRI of my brain to view at my leisure. In the end it wasn't a bleed or anything. I am fine and according to the radiologist that looked at my MRI, I have remarkable sinus cavities.
Two days later, on Sunday, I have to run my father to the ER because we thing he was having a lower GI bleed (ulcer). Nope, they didn't know what was wrong with him and sent him home.
On Monday, Dad returns to the hospital and this time my mother thinks he is getting ready to have a heart attack. The doc at the ER was wondering why he hadn't passed out and died yet because his blood pressure was so damn high. They released him and he was ok.
Then on Tuesday, my mother ends up in the ER because of what we think is a gallbladder attack. They giver meds and send her home. She is sorta ok.
Nothing happened on Wednesday.
Thursday Dad went back to the ER via ambulance from work. He came down with the stomach bug that had been going around, or he got food poisoning from the Waffle House he ate at that night at lunch. They end up admitting him to the second floor. When I was on my way to pick my brother up from work, I tried to call Jason only to find out that he is also in the ER with the same thing (well I thought he was already in a room, but more on that in a minute). Mother and my brother were with my dad and I went to go see Jason. I didn't know if he drove himself or if someone was with him. Anyway, his mother and sister were with him in the waiting room when I arrived and they had been waiting there for about 2 hours before I got there. Jason didn't get in to see the doc until 7:50pm (they arrived at 2:15pm). They ran some tests on him and gave him some phenergan and fluids and said that he just had the stomach bug and was release from the ER that night around 10:30-11pm.
On Monday mother started having the pain attacks again and took some meds and tried to go to work. Dad had to go get her from work to take her to the ER. All they did was shoot her up with pain meds and send her home because she was scheduled to have a HIDA scan on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, mother has her HIDA scan and goes to see my grandmother. She has another attack and my grandma rushed her to the ER again. This time they keep here and try to figure out what is wrong with her because the HIDA scan was normal.
Friday comes and Dad is set up to have a stress test done. They still don't know why he isn't passing out from the high blood pressure. So now he has to call the doc to be put on meds. Also on that day mother found out what was wrong with her. She has an inflammed pancreas and fatty liver disease. There isn't anything can do right now and set her up to have a PET test (to test her pancreas for cancer) done on Wednesday. They pump her full of pain meds and discharge her. After the PET test is done then she might be able to return to work and then needs to talk to the surgeon about having her gallbladder removed anyway. She is home now and sleeping in her own bed, which is something that she had been wanting since being put in the hospital. Now she is worried that she has cancer though she isn't show any other signs of the illness. I just hope the test comes back negative.

And now for your viewing pleasure, MY BRAIN!!!!!

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