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Sun, Oct. 7th, 2007, 09:55 am
Children are Retarded

I have these stupid children that hang out at the house next to me and they (for some reason) like to come and play right in front of my window. They also like to play in the rocks in landscaping. It totally annoys the hell out of me because they have no respect for anything. My blinds are closed but when they are infront of my window I bang on it and they look around with cow eyes and walk back into their yard. Mind you they have done this 3 times so far. They also walk through our yard to get to the people next door. These are also the same children that walk in the middle of the road when cars are trying to get through. I know that I was pretty dumb as a kid, but DAMN.

Well I have to read some chapters for school and pack a little. Toodle pip!