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Tue, Aug. 28th, 2007, 09:26 pm
"Shut your Oris before I take my Manus and slap you in the Bucca."

I realized today that my anatomy course is going to be a hell of alot harder that I anticipated. I have to leard about 30 body parts (technical/medical terms) by Thursday. So far I have mouth (oris), manus(hand), and cheek (bucca) down to an artform (as seen above). I think I am going to have the most problem with the cavities and sections of the body. There are two "p" words that sound simular that I really need to know but I can't remember them. I know what they are by definition, but not by name. One is the lining that is on the surface of an organ and the other is what the abdominal cavity/section of the called. I really need to make sure I know these SOON!!!!

Tomorrow is my first day of chemistry lab. I have that at 9am. I think I will have to buy some post it notes and one day that I am off stick them to Jason's body and study the living hell out of him.......naked lol. Hey, I'll be learning. It won't be sexy though, unfortunatly.

Well I have to review a chapter in my chem book. Just wanted to update a few people on the details.

Toodle pip.