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Wed, Nov. 5th, 2008, 09:28 am

I try not to get upset at peoples' ignorance when it comes to Obama. When I listen to NPR and people are calling in saying that they don't trust the man because his middle name is Hussein just makes me cringe. What's in a name? Everyone going on about him raising taxes....he will be lowering taxes on most of the middle class which we... Read More fall into. If you make more than $250,000 you can afford to pay a little more. And the Socialist bullshit....do they even know what the word means. The whole trickle down idea is kinda crap, but the middle class is what this nation thrives on an if the middle class is thriving (which it isn't right now) then the rest of the country will.

The idea of Socialism: Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.
The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

Middle class families will see their taxes cut – and no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase. The typical middle class family will receive well over $1,000 in tax relief under the Obama plan, and will pay tax rates that are 20% lower than they faced under President Reagan. According to the Tax Policy Center, the Obama plan provides three times as much tax relief for middle class families as the McCain plan.

Families making more than $250,000 will pay either the same or lower tax rates than they paid in the 1990s. Obama will ask the wealthiest 2% of families to give back a portion of the tax cuts they have received over the past eight years to ensure we are restoring fairness and returning to fiscal responsibility. But no family will pay higher tax rates than they would have paid in the 1990s. In fact, dividend rates would be 39 percent lower than what President Bush proposed in his 2001 tax cut.

Obama’s plan will cut taxes overall, reducing revenues to below the levels that prevailed under Ronald Reagan (less than 18.2 percent of GDP). The Obama tax plan is a net tax cut – his tax relief for middle class families is larger than the revenue raised by his tax changes for families over $250,000. Coupled with his commitment to cut unnecessary spending, Obama will pay for this tax relief while bringing down the budget deficit. (taken from the Obama site)

****I used to always been a firm believer that a politician will say what they think you want to hear in order to get into office, and a bit of me still feels this way.****

Yes I am ranting. I just get upset when there are people that voted for McCaine because they don't want a black president. I am ashamed to say that my own father fits into this catagory. However he swares up and down that he isn't racist. Give me a frikkin' break. I am sure that there are a bunch of other people that fit in with good ol' dad.

I guess I also took into consideration the lesser of two evils. Would I rather have someone become president who can look a terrorist in the eye and tell them what they think of them or someone who can't name a single publication that they read on a regular basis (or shoots wolves from airplanes).
I find its unfortunate that I see retarded people (on top of the ones that already did) try to assassinate Obama. I think Joe Biden would be a much better replacement for Barack than Sarah Palin would be for McCaine.

Okay.....I've gone on long enough.
Ignorance isn't bliss when it comes to situations like this. Le sigh!

Fri, Apr. 25th, 2008, 05:03 pm

Jason and I will be moving into our apartment on May 12th. :) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri, Apr. 18th, 2008, 05:19 pm
Earthquake and a bit of more news

Well, this morning I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my back up against the wall playing on my computer. I then hear a noise that sounded like someone trying to get into our room without turning the doorknob. It was like someone was jerking on it really hard because it moved the wall. I thought something was wrong with Ray or Denise because I knew Ray was awake. I opened the door and no one was there but the shaking continued. I was scared shitless. After the shaking stopped I knew we had an earthquake. I ended up waking Jason up with my "oh my god" ing and hyperventilation (what happens when I panic). After all was over I looked out the door and Ray and I are looking at one another know what just happened. This was a first for me. all I have left now is to bee in a hurricane.

In other news......

Jason and I are waiting to hear back on our appication for an apartment we are looking to move into. If approved we will be moving in mid May. I will be on vacation the 21st to the 1st, so during that time I am going to be studing for finals and packing. I am really looking forward to getting out of here and having a place of our own. I am also looking forwar to the abolishment of Rule #1.

Wed, Nov. 28th, 2007, 08:19 pm
Jason gets his car back and I am in a sweet set of wheels

I went and got my rental today. They set me up in a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. It is pretty damn sweet. I have never driven a V8 before and the feeling is a little awkward. Ohhhh the power! (yeah that was pretty gay) I like the rental, but I really want my Honda back. I have a special attachment to "The Toaster on Wheels." I just hope that is drives the way it always has once I get it back. A lot of people tell me that once you are in an accident and get some body work done on it, the car is never the same. Well that is about all that has been going on with me lately. I just wait until I get my car back in 8 days. (sigh)

Wed, Nov. 21st, 2007, 01:23 pm
Repairs are set and ready for Wednesday

Yesterday, I went to go pick up a copy of the police report. I then drove to my insurance branch so they could fax all of the info to the BMV and contact the guy who hit me. Since he hit me his insurance gets to cover the cost of repairing my car. I contacted the adjuster for the dudes insurance and he told me to take the car to Gray and Wells to get an estimate. I have at least $4100.00 in damages to my car. The guy at the body shop said that it will take at least 8 days to repair. Fortunatly, the dude that hit me's insurance is providing me with a rental car for the duration of the repairs. Totally sweet. I am going to see if I can get it fixed starting next Wednesday after I get out of class. I really don't want to have to take a day off of work to get all the vehicles where they need to be. I am just happy that I don't have to pay one single cent. At least that dint that dad put in my car years ago finally gets fixed.

Thu, Nov. 15th, 2007, 09:12 pm
My First Accident

Well today was one hell of a shitty day. I had my first accident. It wasn't my fault, thank god. I was rear-ended and that in turn caused me to rear end the car in front of me. Mine was the most damaged. My front it bowed out and buckled (the hood is bent pretty bad) and the back end is a monstrosity. The tail gate is crushed, the hinges are messed up and the bumper has been destroyed. Since I was at a complete stop the guy who hit me is totally liable. Unfortunatly I will probably still have to pay my $500.00 deductible. I am afraid to drive it because I don't know if there is any more damage to it than just cosmetic. The car in front was for the most part unscathed, but the spare tire on the back kicked my cars ass. The guy that hit me only had a pretty bent up bumper. I was hit by a big red F350 truck (or at least think it was a ford. It was bigger than my car). The car I hit was a later model of CRV I believe. I was hysterical at the time of the accident so Jason had to do everything for me. I am so glad he was there because I wasn't able to function. So needless to say my day totally blowed. It one hell of a way to spend my vacation, especially one where I am leaving on a road trip in the morning. Jason and I are still going to the convention though, come hell or high water. It will be the only thing to make this whole ordeal a little easier to bear.

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007, 05:43 pm
Update on the life of the Katie

Once again I am sorry for not writing sooner. Jason and I are now living together. Not in our own place unfortunatly, but with his best friend and his wife. It is like a crash course of sorts until we can afford to get an apartment of our own. On that note, the employer that Jason has been waiting to call has finally asked him in for an interview. He goes in on Thursday at 9am. We are both a bit nervous because the position isn't entry level, but more of a supervisorish(more like the head repair technician). He is also being considered for a position at another place making about $2.50 more on the hour. If he get either one (the former I am sure will pay more) we will be able to have an apartment. I think I will be looking forward to decorating my own kitchen the most, I think.

As for me....
School has been kicking my ass. I had to drop my anatomy class. I was about 2 points away from a C, but I need at least that for it to even matter. Unfortunatly, we just started on the hardest unit of the semester and I was confident enough in my ability to keep up with that and my other classes. Chemistry suffered because of all the time I put into anatomy. I now have to try my damnedest to learn Stoichiometry all on my own in order to catch up. I plan on going only part time next semester by taking only Intermediate Algebra and Physics. I will retake Anatomy next fall along with Japanese (to keep me sane). The only class that I am doing awesome in is Elem. Algebra, but that is only because I have done all the material in high school. It all was just hiding in a nugget in the back of my head during the placement tests.

Starting today I am on vacation from work. I still have class though. On Friday Jason and I are leaving to go to Jungle Jim's and SugoiCon. We will be there all weekend and return Sunday night. I will be uploading some pics while I am there onto my My Space page if you might be interested to see whats all the hubbub about (with JJ and the con).

Well I am going to figure out what to do for dinner for the house.

Toodle pip.

Sun, Oct. 7th, 2007, 09:55 am
Children are Retarded

I have these stupid children that hang out at the house next to me and they (for some reason) like to come and play right in front of my window. They also like to play in the rocks in landscaping. It totally annoys the hell out of me because they have no respect for anything. My blinds are closed but when they are infront of my window I bang on it and they look around with cow eyes and walk back into their yard. Mind you they have done this 3 times so far. They also walk through our yard to get to the people next door. These are also the same children that walk in the middle of the road when cars are trying to get through. I know that I was pretty dumb as a kid, but DAMN.

Well I have to read some chapters for school and pack a little. Toodle pip!

Tue, Aug. 28th, 2007, 09:26 pm
"Shut your Oris before I take my Manus and slap you in the Bucca."

I realized today that my anatomy course is going to be a hell of alot harder that I anticipated. I have to leard about 30 body parts (technical/medical terms) by Thursday. So far I have mouth (oris), manus(hand), and cheek (bucca) down to an artform (as seen above). I think I am going to have the most problem with the cavities and sections of the body. There are two "p" words that sound simular that I really need to know but I can't remember them. I know what they are by definition, but not by name. One is the lining that is on the surface of an organ and the other is what the abdominal cavity/section of the called. I really need to make sure I know these SOON!!!!

Tomorrow is my first day of chemistry lab. I have that at 9am. I think I will have to buy some post it notes and one day that I am off stick them to Jason's body and study the living hell out of him.......naked lol. Hey, I'll be learning. It won't be sexy though, unfortunatly.

Well I have to review a chapter in my chem book. Just wanted to update a few people on the details.

Toodle pip.

Mon, Aug. 20th, 2007, 09:03 pm
My New Toy

Hello. I am now updating from my bed. I finally got my laptop and can now do all my work comfortably lying down. I am having a hard time getting used to the keyboard. I decided to give it a name. Jason gave me this one a few days ago so now I am going to pass it now upon my 'puter: The Green Gristle. It is kinda suiting because the computer is green. It one of those Inspirons from Dell. I do have th say that I am not much of a fan of Vista however. Imight unistall it and put XP on here. I will give it a few more days though. I also want to see what Jason thinks. He didn't come over today because of a stomach bug that we both contracted yesterday. We have the same symptoms and all, so I guess it is best to be separated today.

Only one more week until I start school. Where was all this enthusiasm 6 years ago. I am like a giddy little kid about to go to kindergarten. I still need to get my books though. I am waiting to recieve my dispersment check so I can go get them along with paying off a few bills.

On Saturday I went paintballing. It was the most fun I had in a while. It was to celebrate Ray's birthday. I think Jason and I have found our new hobby. Well at least him. I won't have any time come Monday. I did good though. I only got breezed by one ball and the other's hit my gun. No nasty bruises here........yet.

Well, I have to be getting to bed now. Talk to you all again eventually. Toodle Pip.

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