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Thu, Nov. 15th, 2007, 09:12 pm
My First Accident

Well today was one hell of a shitty day. I had my first accident. It wasn't my fault, thank god. I was rear-ended and that in turn caused me to rear end the car in front of me. Mine was the most damaged. My front it bowed out and buckled (the hood is bent pretty bad) and the back end is a monstrosity. The tail gate is crushed, the hinges are messed up and the bumper has been destroyed. Since I was at a complete stop the guy who hit me is totally liable. Unfortunatly I will probably still have to pay my $500.00 deductible. I am afraid to drive it because I don't know if there is any more damage to it than just cosmetic. The car in front was for the most part unscathed, but the spare tire on the back kicked my cars ass. The guy that hit me only had a pretty bent up bumper. I was hit by a big red F350 truck (or at least think it was a ford. It was bigger than my car). The car I hit was a later model of CRV I believe. I was hysterical at the time of the accident so Jason had to do everything for me. I am so glad he was there because I wasn't able to function. So needless to say my day totally blowed. It one hell of a way to spend my vacation, especially one where I am leaving on a road trip in the morning. Jason and I are still going to the convention though, come hell or high water. It will be the only thing to make this whole ordeal a little easier to bear.