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Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007, 05:43 pm
Update on the life of the Katie

Once again I am sorry for not writing sooner. Jason and I are now living together. Not in our own place unfortunatly, but with his best friend and his wife. It is like a crash course of sorts until we can afford to get an apartment of our own. On that note, the employer that Jason has been waiting to call has finally asked him in for an interview. He goes in on Thursday at 9am. We are both a bit nervous because the position isn't entry level, but more of a supervisorish(more like the head repair technician). He is also being considered for a position at another place making about $2.50 more on the hour. If he get either one (the former I am sure will pay more) we will be able to have an apartment. I think I will be looking forward to decorating my own kitchen the most, I think.

As for me....
School has been kicking my ass. I had to drop my anatomy class. I was about 2 points away from a C, but I need at least that for it to even matter. Unfortunatly, we just started on the hardest unit of the semester and I was confident enough in my ability to keep up with that and my other classes. Chemistry suffered because of all the time I put into anatomy. I now have to try my damnedest to learn Stoichiometry all on my own in order to catch up. I plan on going only part time next semester by taking only Intermediate Algebra and Physics. I will retake Anatomy next fall along with Japanese (to keep me sane). The only class that I am doing awesome in is Elem. Algebra, but that is only because I have done all the material in high school. It all was just hiding in a nugget in the back of my head during the placement tests.

Starting today I am on vacation from work. I still have class though. On Friday Jason and I are leaving to go to Jungle Jim's and SugoiCon. We will be there all weekend and return Sunday night. I will be uploading some pics while I am there onto my My Space page if you might be interested to see whats all the hubbub about (with JJ and the con).

Well I am going to figure out what to do for dinner for the house.

Toodle pip.